Do you offer monthly packages?

At this time we don’t offer a monthly package. There are times where we don’t have any selections for a few days. We don’t want to be forced to make selections for you to feel you are getting value for your money. We would rather be very selective and give you the best chance at winning. Anyone can pick games nightly and mass market them but long term they will lose money.

Why don’t you put a star rating to your selections?

We aren’t going to chase a star rating to make our units look impressive. We put out a selection because it has strong value and offers superior value. It’s your money, we don’t profess to be bankers or financial advisors. We excel in our handicapping and ultimately it really is your choice on what amount you invest. We don’t want to tell you how much to invest of your money, we will advise you on who/what to invest your money on.

Why don’t you have selections every day?

As stated earlier we don’t want to force selections, we look for opportunities to take advantage of what we perceive as weak lines and opportunities for you to take advantage of. There are games tomorrow, the next day and the day thereafter, why rush to put your money at risk because it’s on television or a high profile game. If anything those lines are super tight because everyone knows everything about the players, stats and trends. You don’t have a fire to go to, so don’t send your money to that fire either.

You post your games late in the day, why?

Late information is key to everything. We could put selections out early for you to invest on but what happens if that star player doesn’t play? What happens if a back up goalie is put in over the starter? At the same time we are giving you a widely used line that is available when we are posting the selection for purchase. We don’t give a line you can’t get. For the most part weekend plays are posting overnight and during the week it’s at least 30 minutes before game time.

Questions or concerns e-mailnsw@sportsbetadvisors.com