Youngstown Connection specializes in providing winning selections on all major sports.Youngstown Connection doesn’t offer you flash and hype, multiple games of the year and silly claims that can’t be backed up.

What you will receive however is top notch service that thrives on quality and winning selections. We won’t bore you further, the proof will be in the results.

We don’t rate our games, you decide your tolerance and what you can afford to wager. After all it is your hard money at risk. You want value for your money and we consider a number of factors that determine our selections for you.

We look for an opportunity to beat the odds makers with one to three games daily. It is our choice as handicappers and bettors on how many games we wager on. The odds makers have the task of posting lines on every game, every day. We look to exploit opportunities that we feel give us an edge.

Keep in mind that sports betting is a long term process and there will be streaks that go both good and bad. The key is to be able to ride out the streaks and stay ahead of the game. Don’t bet your bankroll all on one game, you need to have a strong money management process and stick with it.

The line used is a widely used line and the sportsbook will be listed where the line came from along with the time of the release. We can’t be responsible for line moves. Some selections are posted days in advance so get in on the action early.